Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Aiming Arrows

“My kids are turning out OK!” say many parents I meet. Maybe. But is that what you’ve been sacrificing your time, treasure and talent for? Kids who are merely OK?

Not I. I’m aiming higher. I want children who have been trained and challenged to the limit of their abilities; children who have been polished to keen-edged beauty and usefulness. I want children who are prepared to recognize and to seize every opportunity that Providence offers; children whose vision and education enable them to make something extraordinary of the ordinary offices of life.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a resource which will assist you to gain college entrance and scholarship funding for your homeschooled student. This is a service BY homeschoolers FOR homeschoolers. And it is so exciting that I am not even going to wait and see the final results in my own family, before I pass the recommendation on to you!

Already, by applying the principles in which this resource family will train you, my high school children (ages 15 and 18) are financing 20 credit hours at the local community college with private scholarship funds this semester alone! Their prospects for large scholarships at four-year colleges from state universities to Ivy Leagues are promising!

Meet the Webb family and their newest enterprise: Aiming Higher Consultants

Homeschoolers and Harvard
While many homeschoolers have never considered attending an Ivy League college, institute of technology, or other elite school, the benefits of doing so should be considered. A degree from a top college can put you on the fast track to influential positions in law, finance, business, engineering, science, academia, medicine, or government.
There are great personal benefits as well. A degree from an elite college can make you a more valuable employee and a more competitive candidate for professional and graduate schools. While still in college, you will have many opportunities for top internships, undergraduate research, networking, and other kinds of learning outside the classroom. Thanks to huge endowments, top colleges tend to be very generous with scholarships and/or need-based financial aid. For lower income families, an Ivy League college may be even more affordable than a local community college.
However, the process can be daunting. Last year, Harvard had a record number of applicants (22,796). They only selected 9.1% of the pool or 2,074 students. Homeschooler Austin Webb was one of those students. He was also accepted at MIT, Caltech, the University of Chicago, Rice, and Duke. He was offered approximately $200,000 in scholarships and grants at the various schools for his freshman year alone.
To help other homeschoolers take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by elite colleges, Austin and his mother, Jeannette Webb, have founded Aiming Higher Consultants. This firm will provide professional assistance with the college application process, including application strategy, letters of recommendation, interview skills, essay editing, school documents (transcripts, course descriptions, etc.), résumés, and scholarships. To inquire about their services, email: Aiminghigherconsultants@gmail.com

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