Monday, February 26, 2007

The Beauty of Red

"Something in the cosmos speaks to the deep places in us." Just not the same message Carl Sagan claims to have heard in his wildly popular Cosmos series. No the cosmos speaks the identity of its Maker.

Suns blaze His glory. Stars clock His precision. Wind whispers His omnipresence and His upholding power.

But we are here today to praise the beauty of Red.
In the heraldry of the rainbow, red speaks to us of passion, heat, fire, rage, love and sacrifice.

Red is the color of Pentecost, when the Spirit's passion burned into the hearts of Christ's followers and blazed out across cultural boundaries, language barriers and spiritual blindness to spark new life in the thousands gathered for the old feast.

Red is the color of transformation. As the bloody sacrifice was burned on the altar, that dead meat was transformed into something ethereal and glorious: the glowing red-gold flame and curling smoke. Passion and prayer. A model of the glory-cloud that led Israel through the wilderness.

My guest this week for the
Carnival of Beauty, Susanna at Through a Glass, reflects on the many shades of Red and the blood of Christ.

This week, I hope you'll see red. Really see it.


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