Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Award of our Own

As my children are launching out and the dynamics of our family life are rocking with the changes, I want to delight not only in the past, but in the future. It's hard making that hand-off, passing the baton to the next generation and really letting go of it. Surely the God who has smoothed the course of our race until now, will continue to pace our children and to lead us older folks to places of respite and dignity.

So here is a series of our very own Blog Awards for the Transitional Family:

Best Trail-Blazer: Chloe
Chloe never met a door she didn't want to open. As we speak, she is opening doors in Russia. And she never fails to hold it open for those coming behind her. People love to follow her: "Anything for Chloe!" is their battle-cry.

Best Fanfare:
Need a boost for doing the next hard thing? Check with Petra; her music can make you proof against lions. Empathetic and insightful, Petra composes the sound track that leads you from mourning to dancing.

Best Comic Relief: Robert
Thank God that Robert is the last one at home! Self-pity absolutely withers as we laugh together. Robert has the dry wit and the bracing hug that helps you find terra firma in the changes of life.
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