Friday, October 07, 2005

Silencing Foes

Children die in infancy. Three of mine died before birth. Yesterday, my good friend’s granddaughter died after only a few weeks of struggle and pain in this world.

And now it is we who must struggle in pain again. Struggle against the temptation to see God as either cruel or impotent.

I have found few real comforts in the loss of little ones. But this is the chief: Psalm 8.

“Out of the mouths of children and tiny nursing babes
From the lips of the little ones, God has ordained His praise.
He has ordained His praise, because of His enemies.
Lord, give our children a heart to know You.
Let their song silence Your foes!”
(paraphrase by Judy Rogers)

My dead children, and my friend’s granddaughter will always be children. Let their songs silence His foes!

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