Monday, October 17, 2005

Professional Mothers

Since the feminists cultural coup, there have been only two models for stay-at-home mothers: the ineffectual, bon-bon munching ditz or the manipulative, invasive witch. No room for wits, intellectuals, creative geniuses or entrepreneurs here.

Nevertheless - and this is the secret that the femisists are desperate to keep from young women - they exist (even flourish) as stay-at-home moms to this day. What's more, they are usually raising those children who reject the current notions of adolescence. These are the women who regard motherhood as the most challenging and influencial of careers. They are Professional Mothers.

I'd like you to meet a few of the very best. Next time: Professional Mothers.


Christine said...

Christine here!

College educated. Creative writer. Public speaker.

Oh ... and Professional Mother.

Anonymous said...

Jess here! Physician. Teacher. Avid lover of craft making. And Professional Mother. Proud to be a Mama

Amy K said...

I'm looking for a professional woman -- therapist, counselor, life coach... anyone that deals with motherhood issues -- to interview for my college class. I have been assigned to write a lengthy article, and since I'm looking forward to starting a family, I wanted to write about motherhood issues. Through my research, I have found the topic of guilt and American motherhood is more prevalent than I imagined. If you could answer two or three questions for me, I'd be so appreciative! Please let me know a bit about yourself, and I will send you the questions. My email is: Thank you for your time! -Amy


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