Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Visions of Hope

TintorettoLastSupper On this Good Friday, I have been struck by how firmly our hope for the future is rooted in the vision Jesus cast for His disciples as they shared their final meal together. As He was going to His death, He gave them a bright hope beyond that loss, a strong commission, something to hold in their coming grief and fear:

"You will remember when I rise, that I told you all about this."
"You have persevered with me in trials; you will sit with me in my Kingdom."
"I am preparing a place for you in my Father's house." 
"You must love one another as I have loved you."
"You are not of this world."
"I will send you a Comforter."
"You will do greater things than I have done."

Jesus' words that night not only sustained the disciples through that terrible, wonderful, world-wrenching weekend when Jesus conquered sin and death, but also helped them to endure, no, to triumph in the rest of their lives.

As we consider the endgame of parenting our children as children, as we prepare to send them into the dark world without us, we, too, must strengthen our youth to bear up under the troubles that will come their way because they belong to Our Lord. We must learn to cast a vision that will sustain them in their callings.  The strength of our vision-casting, the power of our blessing may be what will enable them to triumph over circumstances that would sink others.

Vision & Calling is the first of Countdown to College's new line of video presentations.  In it you will discover how to harness the power of blessing your children, and how to help them understand their callings as God's servants.  This one-hour DVD features a narrated PowerPoint presentation with hands-on explorations to do with your young people.  The presentation covers: personality, temperament, and gifts analyses; the special callings for men and for women; how to recognize God's leading for future direction and more! 

(Recommended companion resource: Countdown to College e-Forms Disk, which includes fill-able forms for the exercises in the PowerPoint presentation)


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