Thursday, August 10, 2006

Countdown to College Scholarships 5!

As promised (before a family funeral and reunion intervened), the first in a series of previews of my book, Countdown to Launch: a Straight-A Flight Plan to College Funding. The book is a guide to finding scholarship dollars to fund your home-schooled scholar's college ambitions.

For maximum effectiveness, you should really begin the countdown in your student's freshman year. However, even if your student is a junior, you will be able to use these guidelines to earn more scholarships than you thought possible.

Countdown: 5! Assess your starting point!
To succeed, you need a realistic assessment of the young person you are launching. What are his gifts, talents and skills? Where are his weaknesses. What is her personality and temperament? And most especially, what are his or her goals and aspirations: spiritually, relationally, academically. You and your student will find asset inventories, goal-planners and other tools included in Countdown to Launch to help you examine the assets God has given you.

Don't forget that God has also surrounded you with gifts of institutions, opportunities and most especially, other people. You will be able to take stock of those as well, using Countdown to Launch worksheets.

Consider, too, the roles God has given you. How will you help your student to be a good steward of his gifts and opportunities within the roles he has been given? How will you prepare girls and boys for their different challenges and responsibilities? Countdown to Launch helps you to bless and to cast a vision of excellence and service for your young adult.

Next time: 4! Aim for success!

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