Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thought Control

"We don't need no education! We don't need no thought control!" Pink Floyd Thought control.

The real question is not
whether our thoughts will be controlled, but by whom will they be controlled? And the irony of Pink Floyd's raw lyric is that those who have no education are the particular prey of those who have a thought control agenda.

As parents, we all want our children to be able to make up their own minds, to be thinkers who are independent of media and government agendas. If we are faithful stewards of our children, we spend a lot of time and money giving them enough background in history, literature, science, government, Bible and experience to form a stable vantage point from which to evaluate what life (and life's manipulators) throw at them.

The beauty of learning is that it will enable us to exercise control over our own thoughts and opinions. But I submit that being able to make up one's own mind isn't enough. Even the most sophisticated human mind can be fooled. If we fail to teach our children to "bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ", we will still have failed to protect them from perverse thought control.

Is it possible that there should be no thought control? No. Who should control our thoughts? Surely only the One who IS the truth.

Check Scribblings by Blair tomorrow for more thoughts on the Beauty of Learning at the Carnival of Beauty. And don't miss the Carnival of Homeschooling hosted this week by Category Five.


Blair said...

Oh that was good Kim! What an interesting perspective. I totally agree with you - someone is going to control our thoughts...who will it be? Only ONE can be trusted.

Great post!

Kim Anderson said...

Thanks for the encouragement! And all the hard work on this week's Carnival!

Barbara H. said...

Very, very good thoughts.

Bev said...

Thanks once again for your thoughtful analysis. I came across an example of government school thought control yesterday when I was asked what my daughter "will be able to do" with her degree in Classical Liberal Arts and Culture. Would she have a teaching credential? The questioner had just been telling me that her daughter is going to a state university for a degree in business with an emphasis on fashion marketing. I was struck by her assumption that the point of a college education is to train for a job, and her inability or unwillingness to look at an alternative point of view.

Susanna said...

That is just so true, and sadly we are all prone to become vicitms to others agendas. The concept of being 'under control' is anathema to so many.............if only they could see that they are under the control of Satan in their supposed 'freedom' and that true freedom can only come through Christ.

Chel said...

I often think about what might be influencing my children's thoughts. It's an amazing responsibility to be charged with guiding their emotional and spiritual growth as well as their mental growth. Thank Heavens, God gives us good helpers in our families, friends, and fellow church members.


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