Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We Are NOT Amused

Dan at Cerulean Sanctum has a provocative article, titled "Spiritainment" about yet another effort to provide Christians with entertainment that will give Christians yet another way to justify spending more time indulging themselves.

Surely media that doesn't prompt us to get up off the couch and have real relationships, to do actual discipleship with living, breathing human beings or to seek God beyond the media hype leaves us suffocating in the ether with the rest of the great unwashed.

I just spent two days at Parent Orientation for our daughter's university, hearing ad nauseum that parents must not micromanage their adult children, must not hang on them, must not expect anything from them, must move on to find other sources of fulfillment. In other words, parents must not treat their children as just another source of entertainment.

And, indeed, the parents who shared their struggles with 'letting go' revealed that they were suffering from a sort of drug withdrawal. There was very little sense among the parents that they have been dealing for the last two decades with actual people rather than video game characters. Their children have been to them just another status symbol like their BMW, or a toy like their i-pod. That revelation was far more shocking than the radical (but expected) "hands-off" message from the university.

No wonder college freshmen are notorious for making destructive choices.

We may be not only "amusing ourselves to death" but amusing our children to death in the process.

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