Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Recovering the Bard

We have forgotten how to read. We have even forgotten how to tell stories. We sit in front of a blue plasma screen, mezmerized by the latest string of inanities. But nothing touches us. Nothing there heals or challenges or strengthens.

The shocking thing is that we begin to approach every story, every event in our own lives in the same passive way that we approach television. Life is just the latest string of inanities. Entertaining but empty.

But the reality is:
"God has delivered us, He has parted waters for us, He has made water gush forth from rocks and sent us our own manna from heaven. He has brought us into our own Promised Land. Will I miss the opportunity to tell the story to our children?"
~ Ann Voskamp, Holy Experience ~

We are working to recover the Bard at our house. We read the Scriptures and look for the ways that God has translated those stories into our own lives. When we learn to tell our own stories in those terms, we understand what those events mean, and how to proceed from here. We learn how to 'read' the events in others' lives too, when they tell us of the droughts and deserts and homelessness in their experience.

Our family is also looking for ways to make our everyday routines tell the stories of God's work on our behalf. That is why we love the Church calendar. It disciplines us to remember to tell the stories of the seasons and to give ordinary things like weather and time their true voices - the voices that speak to us of their Creator.

We are approaching Advent, the season when we prepare our hearts for a fresh Visitation of the Lord in a very personal sense, and look forward to His final coming when He will write us into the end of all Creation's stories, and like Scheherezade, will weave us into the next, more glorious tale of Eternity.

Come back tomorrow if you would like to join me in preparing Him room in your heart and entering into the world's joy at the coming of her King. I will be beginning a weekly meme on Advent.


Amydeanne said...

awwwwwwwww I know that blue glow.. and we are trying to limit it as well... great post!

MiPa said...

great post--thank you!

Loni said...

Oh yes - the earthly distractions that keep us from telling truths to our children. Thank you for sharing, and I will be back to see how you celebrate the Advent as well!

The Imperfect Christian said...

Ah, reading! The old lost art form! If my children develop a love for the written word, I will be a success as a parent!

Kim Anderson said...

Oh, Loni, come back to consider how YOU will celebrate Advent!

Parental success...Yes. I'll know I've succeeded if my children read to my grandchildren.

Winter said...

Oh Advent. I grew up in a setting that didn't follow the church calendar, not until I met Dh did I even know about it. It is refreshing to remember the important things of our Christian past, and most of it dealing with Christ himself.

I will try to join you through this season.


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