Thursday, May 31, 2007

Emerging from the Salt Mines

Blinking in the sunlight...inhaling deeply, the air smells like lilacs and Russian Olives. I dare to hope that I can join you all again!


Firefly said...

Welcome back! We've been looking for you! *grin*

Kim Anderson said...

It's nice to be missed!

Henry Cate said...

Where have you been? Have things been OK?

Your salt mine comment implies that you have been working hard. What have you been working on?

Kim Anderson said...

You're right, Henry! I administer a 12 state region for the National Christian Forensics and Communication Assoc. in addition to regular mothering and homeschooling and writing to supplement our regular income. During the spring competition season, my duties are particularly heavy.

This year I have also been speaking to promote my book, Countdown to College.

My tongue is hanging out!


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