Saturday, July 14, 2007

Return of Wonder Woman

I'm not sure how I got here.

I've just been working the problems before me, taking care of home and family. Just doing what God and the day demand.

Suddenly, when I show up, people look startled, like I just appeared out of an invisible airplane. They ask me, "How do you do that?" with disbelief in their voices. And I'm thinking, "Do what?" They wave their arms and sputter.

I check myself for dangerous objects and social faux pas. Wrist-rockets? Rolling pins? Curlers? Spinach between my teeth?

Then I realize that I have arrived with a three-course meal, a book in-search-of-proofreaders, an invitation to participate in a college campus ministry effort, a baby gift, an original arrangement to practice for next week's worship service, a mural design for the church nursery and three highly-effective, infectiously gracious, relentlessly positive teen-agers.

Oh... that.

But their question intrigues me. It is just dawning on me that this is unusual. I've never owned an energy lasso or even a star-spangled leotard and red knee-boots. I struggle with headaches, middle-age spread, dying lawns, teaching the fine points of cell division and difficult relatives just like everyone else.

So, I intend to tell my secrets...

Just as soon as I figure out what they are.


Anonymous said...

I don't have near the accomplishments you do.But I enjoyed your post because it is so hard to respond to this reaction.
I get so excitted every time I learn something eles you've done or can do. What an excellent example and inspiration you are!
Your gifts challenge me to invest in my life to a greater degree.
No holding back it's all for Gods glory!
Carla Deems

Kim Anderson said...

Seems to me you are another one who lives life - no holding back - for God's glory!

Did you sign my guestbook aaaaalll the way at the bottom of the blog?

Deana said...

Kim, As a very little girl, my expectation was to BE Wonder Woman--no question.
I surprised my Mother by dyeing my hair, learned to fly,etc. as a teen, then hit the wall of serious, chronic illness. This brought all the BIG questions of theology, philosophy, and how to finish living right now.
Even for a teen the conclusions had to be that If God isn't exactly Who He says He is nothing else matters at all--HE says Heis sovereign,good and means all for my good.It's the inner Wonder Woman to go for & my daughter--Kim, Who IS Wonder Woman says I may sign this---

Sarah said...

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