Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stock up for School

Over at Dewey's Treehouse, the Carnival of Homeschooling is having a big blowout sale on fresh ideas for the new school year.

And my friend Arden has an interesting series going about reading hard books with your children. See her dumbed-down-resistant reading list at Woman Come Home.

Me? I'm writing personalized PowerPoint presentations for two different value debate camps, a college prep workshop and a book fair. Well, and a Bible study for publication. Wanna peek? Come back tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Do you still sell copies of Countdown to College? I am interested in buying a copy.

Joe said...

Dear Homeschool Blogger:
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Also do you know of any homeschool groups in your state? If so could you send me a little information about them? I am planning a section of the website that will have as many homeschool groups as possible listed in each state. I would also like to do the same thing with events.

I want this website to be a resource not only for present homeschoolers, but also for those who are interested in homeschooling. Like I said, I know that there are many website out there, but some of them are hard to find/hard to use. I hope to change that with my site. I here many complaints from those interested in homeschooling about how expensive it will be to homeschool, therefore, I would like everything on my website to be free to everyone. I am looking for people who have written books on the topic that can be added to my books section.

I do have advertising, but I do need to cover my expenses somehow and if I plan to create the website I would like to create, it will take considerable time to do so.

If you have any advice, input, or information you would like to send me, please contact me. Thanks in advance!
- Joe


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