Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Event Organizers' Heaven

Wow! Have you seen the speakers' bureau listing at Balancing the Sword? I just discovered it! Allen Wolfe has done a spectacular job of creating a huge database of speakers for the Christian and homeschooling community.

Not only does Allen list hundreds of speakers, but their profiles really give event organizers a good look at what they will likely be seeing and hearing if they invite a particular speaker. He includes a personal bio, accomplishments, a list of topics, former speaking engagements, and contact information galore. The Balancing the Sword speakers database makes conference organizers' jobs a breeze - well, almost!

And if you are a speaker, it's a great place to send potential clients to view your offerings.

See my full profile there - including descriptions of my NEW workshop series, Age to Age: Parenting for the Transitions of Life.

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