Wednesday, May 12, 2010


These days when people ask me how I feel, I have to stop and take inventory. It's that already-but-not-yet thing. Already better, but not yet well. I am glad to report that the chemo toxins are noticeably decreasing, although not in a straight line. I no longer have to steam my eyes open every morning, even though my eyes still sting and water. My hands and face only burn in the evenings, and they never peel. And there is a sort of peach fuzz on top of my head. On the other hand, my fingernails are falling off.

Radiation has begun, and is much easier to tolerate than chemo. I have only had a couple of days when I felt so exhausted that I thought I couldn't move – and that didn't last all day. Though it was kinda spectacular when I fell asleep at work – during a phone call. Luckily my boss laughed.

Those episodes have been a merciful indicator of things to come. At church, I am working on a production of Mendelssohn's Elijah, which is going up in mid-June near the end of the radiation treatment. Now I understand what it means that I will experience a debilitating level of weariness most of the time. So I'm able to view my work on Elijah as more of an exercise in equipping others and less of an opportunity to direct.

This weekend, the Lord surprised me with a scholarship to the Christian Writers’ Conference in Estes Park. Respite, fellowship and hope for future usefulness! His kindness and your continued prayer strengthen me for this last nasty phase of treatment.


travelmom said...

Bless you, Kim! I always look forward to reading your words. Thanks for your posts in the storm.


Kim Anderson said...

Thanks for your encouragement! We are all on the journey.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,

How was the Writing Conference?

A Reader

Kim Anderson said...

The writers' conference was a real respite. New ideas, new friends, mountains to fill your heart. I made some contacts and friends there, whom I will enjoy for years to come.

Thanks for asking.

an said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,
I read the miraculous healing to your daughter. I also suffered withe aplastic anemia in the year 2008. I under gone bone marrow transplantation and came out from hospital with so many difficulties. My wife had left on the hospital bed. She even took away my valuable things like car gold and many other items. With a hope that Jesus will rescque me from any type of difficultoes. I will pray fpr you both please pray for me also. May the wounds of Jesus bring you healing very soon.


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