Friday, January 20, 2006

Cutting Edge Culture

Chloe over at CatchWord has a good suggestion for this weekend: go see a movie. Actually, go see a particular movie, one that was produced and promoted completely outside of Hollywood, but promises to be a Christian blockbuster.

End of the Spear is the feature film about the Jim Elliot/Nate Saint effect among the Waodani Indians of the Amazon. It focuses on the incredible personal and cultural reconciliation brought about by the missionaries' sacrifice on the banks of the Amazon. See the preview trailers here.

The issues of nudity and violence have been tastefully handled, but the story is quite intense, so the film deserves its PG-13 rating. Your young teens will be inspired, but your younger ones may be overwhelmed.

So thumb your nose at Hollywood. Go see End of the Spear this weekend. Show the Hollywood establishment that a HUGE population of movie-goers would rather see a powerfully wholesome film made by wholesome folks. But, most of all - Enjoy!


Spunky said...
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Spunky said...

I was all excited about seeing this movie until I heard that Chad Allan is gay and an outspoken advocate for the gay lifestyle. He is using his noteriety from this film to promote his gay lifestyle. I am now very conflicted. I want to see this movie but the idea of watching him play Nate and Steve Saint clouds it for me greatly. I don't know that I can sit through the movie without wondering what Nate would be thinking about who played him. I'm not a big movie goer in general. But I was looking forward to seeing this. Sigh!

A very sad choice in my opinion by the producer of this movie.

Kim Anderson said...

Where did you hear this? I'm very disappointed! I'm glad I didn't know it before I saw it. It is an excellent film.

Is there a fly in every ointment?

Dave said...

Michael Spencer at devoted a post to the controversy surrounding Chad Allen's role and gay activism. That's just one take. If you do a Technorati search you can find more, I'm sure. There are too many to list in a short comment.

In the internetmonk post, I also learned that Ian Charleson, who played Eric Liddell in Chariots of Fire, was gay and died from AIDS in 1990 or '91. Maybe I'm just out of the loop too often, but I didn't know that, either.

Kim Anderson said...

Thanks, I'll look.

Spunky said...

Sorry to come in late. I have a few links on my blog if you haven't found them on your own by now.

I did see the movie and it was a bit of a distraction for me. Otherwise I enjoyed the retelling of the story. However, I did find it a bit of a disappointment that the name of Christ or the word Christian was never used in the film. I found it odd that you can make a movie about a Christian man and leave those words out.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem quite obvious that the very last place a homosexual would look for spiritual help is the Christian church? All the berating church people have done and continue to do shows essentially none of Christ's love toward - yes - even the homosexual. So sad.

Carol said...


I wouldn't want a registered pedophile playing Mother Theresa, either.

It's about selecting a godly person to depict a godly, man. Not about hatred of anyone. What many forget is that it's the sin that we reject, not the sinner. If someone is so wrapped up in their sin that they cannot separate the two in their mind, there's a real problem there. And that goes for both sides of our coin.


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