Monday, January 16, 2006


We could spend hours looking for mentors, comrades and encouragement in the blogosphere - or you could just check out some of these creative, Christian digests.

Mark over at the
Best God Blogs combs the blogosphere for the best Christian posts in any category. He posts his digest several times a week, with little teasers about the articles to which he links. He also takes recommendations from readers.

Every Sunday,
The Rebelution selects their "post of the week" for your weekend delight.

And then there are the Carnivals. These moveable feasts are hosted from week to week by different bloggers, but their traveling location can always be found at their instigators' site. The Carnivals usually post a weekly digest of the most fascinating articles on a focused set of subjects. Carnivals usually post on the midweek internet doldrum day: Wednesday.

For a respite from the ugly and frenetic, try the
Carnival of Beauty sponsored by Two Talent Living. Dying for some advice or company as a homeschooler? Try the Carnival of Homeschooling intitiated by Why Homeschool. And then there is the Barnum & Bailey of internet carnivals, the Christian Carnival organized by the Wittenberg Gate (look in the sidebar for carnival information). This enormous forum sports Christian opinion from across the theological spectrum.

So bring your appetite and try some of these digests. There's plenty to chew on.

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