Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cure for Winter Blahs: Laugh

Does it feel like nothing will ever change? Do you feel like you're going under with the basic drudgery and petty failures of life, of homeschooling?

Fight back! Laugh!

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine treats us to a spoof that's a sure pick-me-up on a dreary day. Click on the icon and hold on. You'll be through the looking glass...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the humor, Kim! I really giggled as I read his story--how helpful it is to put this journey of homeschooling in perspective! Just since January of this year, 2009, I have added an extra Math curriculum to our sons' base and then dropped it, committed to being better about drill work and totally missed doing it altogether for several weeks, and it's only the beginning of March!

Thanks, Kim, for taking the time to do as Chloe does, and hold the door open for the rest of us to walk through!

Lucy T

Kim Anderson said...

My pleasure, Lucy!


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