Friday, July 17, 2009

More About Reversing Babel

After conversing with some of my readers, I wanted to add the reflections we came up with together.

When you find yourself in a Babel-type power struggle. It doesn't help much to try to figure out who is to blame for moving the boundaries with new definitions or who is grasping for power wrongly. It could be either the parents or the teens. In the heat of the moment, no one is going to admit to either thing.

The healing action will be to call all parties to stop addressing the power struggle, to realize that they are not actually struggling against each other for supremacy. Instead they have been substituting their own agenda for God's call on their lives at that moment. Restoration will come when parties to the struggle again
address God, returning to the place where they knew what God had commanded them to do and asking for His commission. Ask for His definitions.

In terms of Biblical imagery, leave Babel. What you invested in that tower will be a ruin. But as you seek God's commission, His empowerment to live in His way, you will find yourself in the same place as the disciples at Pentecost. Waiting, praying, refusing to take action or to continue in the action that engaged the power struggle until you receive His clear direction. Anyone who is in that prayer room will receive healing. Parents, teens or both. You don't have to agree together. At
that place, the Holy Spirit is promised. He will come.

He will come, restoring understanding to those who "speak different languages", bringing a burning commission and joyful empowerment to move on.


Vale said...
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Lindsay said...

I really connect with your writings. thanks!

Would it be ok to link you to my blog?


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