Friday, January 22, 2010

Wigging Out

So last weekend, my wallet fell out of my pocket on a walk. Naturally it had disappeared when I retraced my path a few minutes later. I was closing bank accounts when it hit me. I'll need a new drivers' license...with a new OFFICIAL photo...of me! I ran through my options. I could go bald (aackk!), a scary proposition for everyone concerned. I could wear a hat...which they'd ask me to remove (see option 1). I could wear a scarf, be mistaken for a Muslim, and be profiled every time I go through airport security for the next 3 years. I had to go lie down.

Finally, a friend offered me a loaner wig in pretty much my hair color and a very different style than I am used to. All I had to do was put it on to feel like someone else. Would the DMV think I was someone else, too? I'd have to risk it. Luckily no one in officialdom suspected, and I will see the resultant photo next week. Will I have to mutilate or 'lose' it? Time will tell.

My next chemo is Monday. I dread this one than I expected. I can see that each treatment hits me harder than the one before. All my dear family will be out of town for most of next week.

But I'm not deserted. A group of ladies from church will be cleaning my house while I'm taking the treatment - I'll come home to a sparkling house. I will be leaning hard on my Mom & Dad for driving & emergencies - bless them! And our deacons are bringing over meals several times during the week.


Glynn said...

Kim -- I'm praying.

You're teaching us to laugh in the face of awful.

(And where did you find that crazy photo?)

Kim Anderson said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Glynn! The photo is from Tim Relf's Quirky News

You'll LOL! I find laughing reduces nausea - really.

travelmom said...

Oh Maureen - sorry to hear about the driver's license - that would have tipped me over. You are amazing! Hang in there - your writing is such an encouragement. So glad to know you have those around you who meet the practical needs and hold you up to the throne of grace. Thanks for sharing your journey.


Kim Anderson said...

Well, you'll notice I wasn't able to write about it right away.


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