Friday, January 08, 2010

Things You Can't Do Without Cancer

Faithful followers will recall that God served me up this little Short Term Project (STP) this fall: breast cancer. And that I resolved (not merely) to beat it. So I've been looking for the things I couldn't have done without it. Thought you might like to have a preliminary look at my current list.

Without cancer you can't:
  • Participate in clinical trials for new cancer drugs or natural therapies.
  • Tear out your hair in clumps for emotional release or personal revenge (ask me later).
  • Justify ordering people to fetch, carry, scrub, cook, open jars, or be your hands and feet without feeling guilty.
  • Dress like a pirate queen in a business setting and keep your job.
  • Inspire half a dozen co-workers to stick with the South Beach Diet through the Christmas holiday.
  • Find a moral imperative in a hair-do or lack thereof (story for another day).
  • See sunsets, snowstorms, Christmas trees or children's faces clearly enough.
  • Catch a glimpse of the Bride in all her compassionate splendor as she dispenses gifts from Christ's bounty.

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