Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve - the Backward Glance

Something old seems new in present circumstances. Do you look back on brokenness? What comes next?

Mary's Ointment

Have I been broken…nothing works.

exposed I try to be good

That was lovely once upon a time

I thought you loved wouldn't

Be safe, but glorious. I never

spitting blood dragging limbs

Dreamed true.

He was smell the myhrr shattered

alabaster. Fool. Spent too much

To tell a dead man scent-gilded hair

she'd mourn. All one: feet or floor,

Puddled perfume mortar won't she

Artist! clean up this

Perfect mosaic of Redemption!

Let me bring the shining shards of ruined

Hopes, of half-made glories

To You whose broken body is my health.

Make me, like You, to show

In glittering tesserae God's grace as I could

Never know or tell

While whole.

Copyright 1996. Kim Anderson. All rights reserved.

Photo of Sonia King's mosaic, "Spinoff".


L.L. Barkat said...

I loved this...

"In glittering tesserae"

and how it mirrored the art at the top of the post :)

Kim Anderson said...

Thanks for stopping by! Sometimes we get the words right. Sometimes it's just the broken bits.

deb said...

Visiting here from HCB. Read through a bit and am so humbled by your grace while dealing with cancer, and your writing.

Kim Anderson said...

Deb, this is where I practice behaving myself and working out the ugly lumps.


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