Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Joy of Eyebrows

I never really appreciated eyebrows properly til now. They let you know where your face begins and they punctuate your expressions. I'm glad I've still got mine - mostly.

On Monday, I had my last really toxic chemo! Like eyebrows, it marks the place where I can expect healing to begin. I will continue to have infusions every three weeks of herceptin and the experimental drug avastin, but they don't carry the toxic wallop of the full chemo treatment I've been getting.

Thank you for your prayers. I had no emergencies at this treatment. And while my face is burning, most people think I've just been out in the beautiful spring sunshine. It reminds me not to celebrate quite yet. I will still need to expect the full round of difficulties for the next three weeks. Then I can begin to make real headway against the damage done to my healthy systems by the chemo.

I will see the radiation oncologist in mid-April and find out what that regimen will entail.


Anonymous said...

May your new life reflect the new life given at the Holy Resurrection, and complete healing be yours. We pray for you every day.

Anonymous said...

Christ is risen!
Indeed, He is risen!

You are in our prayers and in all the prayers of our church on this greatest of all days.

Kim Anderson said...

It is humbling and amazing to see the Body working together. I am not sure who you are, but your prayers bless me.

Anonymous said...

As you have blessed...

(As a little joke, I will tell you that the "word verification" I have to type in is "elession"--very close to the Greek for "mercy".

Kyrie "elession" on dear Kim.

Anonymous said...
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Kim Anderson said...



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