Sunday, April 18, 2010

Burning Questions

So I've just completed the last cycle of the bad-boy chemo drugs. I'm looking forward now to a week of getting ahead of the damage they have done to healthy tissues as well as cancerous ones. My naturopath said this week that it's the patients who feel the effects of chemo the most who seem to have the lowest recurrence rates. I certainly hope he's right in my case!

Tomorrow, I'll begin the Herceptin and Avastin infusions alone. They aren't the ones causing all the awful side effects. And I don't have to prepare for them with a several-day fast. The Monday after that, I'll begin radiation - every day for 6 - 7 weeks.

So the burning questions are: How will that hit me - will I tan, burn or glow in the dark? Will I lose ALL my fingernails in the wake of chemo? How soon will there be life after naptime? and...(cheesy organ chord)did all this work?

Really, only time will tell.

So today, I'm celebrating the no-fasting zone by having dinner at the Olive Garden.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,

We continue to pray for you daily, putting you constantly in the memory of the Holy Trinity, begging for mercy.

In Christ,
A reader

Kim Anderson said...

Thanks be to God for His people!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
My son went to UOP and graduated with Petra and shared the same Symphony Orchestra class as her and so we are very glad that Petra is on her road to recovery. I had early stage 2 breast cancer last year and so I am sad to hear that you had a setback with your breast cancer. Recently, I saw and spoke to a doctor at UCSF and asked her what was the latest drug that they were looking into for breast cancer and she mentioned Metformin (a drug for diabetes 2). I wasn't sure if you heard about this but here is a link to an article about it:
Good luck in your treatment and I hope this time you will have this thing licked.
A fellow female


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